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Vote Result

Do you agree if profile data from members who looking for marriage relationship (exactly as shown on JO) also being published on books and/or CD ?
29,4 %(182)No !
26,2 %(162)No comment
26,0 %(161)Yes !
18,4 %(114)Yes, but for members who backed with ID card
Total vote from 619 members
Started: 2007-10-09 20:23:51
Ended: 2007-12-31 (83 days)

Beside religion and marital status (single, divorce, etc.), what's your main criteria which followed strictly to find your life partner?
29,3 %(269)No comment!
22,0 %(202)Financial establishment
20,8 %(191)Age
13,5 %(124)Physical appearance
8,3 %(76)Tribe/race
6,1 %(57)Domicile
Total vote from 919 members
Started: 2007-08-27 20:43:50
Ended: 2007-12-31 (126 days)

Is a copy of identity card needed to be reviewed by admin so member's age, status, and city can be more assured?
24,2 %(230)No, it isn't!
21,7 %(206)No comment
21,1 %(200)Yes, suggested but not required
16,2 %(154)Yes, absolute requirement!
15,3 %(145)Yes, whomever seeking Marriage/Love relationship
1,5 %(14)Yes, required for free members
Total vote from 949 members
Started: 2007-08-16 22:01:29
Ended: 2007-11-15 (91 days)

If JO add an SMS feature to send directly to member's mobile phone which charging Rp 550/SMS (including PPN/tax), would you use that feature ?
43,8 %(483)Yes, maybe
18,8 %(208)No comment
13,9 %(154)Never !
12,0 %(133)Yes, absolutely !
11,5 %(126)No, I almost never use SMS
Total vote from 1104 members
Started: 2007-06-07 16:28:00
Ended: 2007-09-05 (90 days)

Is it necessary for members to attach their photo?
47,1 %(603)Yes, it's suggested
25,3 %(324)Yes, it's required !
18,3 %(234)Not necessary
9,3 %(119)Don't know
Total vote from 1280 members
Started: 2007-04-30 12:30:00
Ended: 2007-07-30 (91 days)

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